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I was in Miami to attend IWC Replica Watches's 4810 Club. We got to see some of the most spectacular pre-SIHH, and SIHH, models. They are under embargo, so I can't show you or talk about them. However, I had the opportunity to meet Nicolas Baretzki at Indian Creek Country Club, Surfside, and talk to him about how IWC Replica Watches is turning watch buyers into watch enthusiasts.

Nicolas Baretzki, CEO IWC Replica Watches

How can you reach out to the new generation watch lovers?

There are three things that I see. First, if you look at how we build these collections with strong, relatable stories and heritage, then that is the first element. Second, there are the design codes.IWC Replica watches I think a lot people from that younger generation want something safe and strong at the same. In the 1970s people were more forward-looking. Today, I think we're looking more at the past.

IWC Replica Watches Heritage Chronometrie Automatic

This segment is more reassuring. These codes, which are powerful and recreate an era of success, can appeal to young people. Price is also an important factor. It's a challenge to create a three-hand piece that is beautiful and affordable. The small details are important to us. We create a beautiful look for a reasonable price. There isn't much else in this price range. This is the kind of piece that makes the customer say WOW. You need a strong, unexpected design.

What do young people want today?

I don't believe it's about moving customers away from Apple Watches to mechanical watches. You never wear a wristwatch for its main function. Most of the times, I check the time on my smartphone, not my wristwatch. I don't use the watch just to tell time. I wear it for many reasons. I like mechanical products.Patek Philippe Replica Watches It says something about me. I also love the design and the movement. I believe that even though our lives are increasingly digital, if we appreciate beautiful design products, with their history and craftsmanship, we will continue to use them. You'll never stop using the iphone. I see a world of complimentary people.

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