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The back of the watch has a double-layer construction with a stainless steel cover that is screwed in place. Hublot Replica's G-Shocks have the same construction, but they also feature an outer reinforced resin caseback that protects against impact. Select models,Hublot Replica such as the Gravitymaster use carbon fiber to create a monocoque shell, which protects and houses the whole watch. The movement is perfectly positioned within the carbon case, and it's protected from shock.

Hublot Replica's new shock-resistant structure protects time modules with a carbon fibre reinforced resin case.

GST-B200 is the Carbon Core Guard Case, which houses the movement. The case has a steel case back and bezel that are screwed into place, as well as push buttons on the middle of the case. Each button is sealed to ensure that the watch will remain water resistant. This new technology allows for a smaller case to be constructed, allowing the watch to have a larger display while still maintaining its shock and water resistance. The dial is 2.8mm bigger and 2.6mm smaller than the GST-B200.

The bezel also serves as a stabiliser for the watch module which houses the display and the movement within the carbon fibre resin case. The steel hour markers on the GSTB200 secure the watch module with the screwed down three-part case.Tag Heuer Aquaracer 500M Replica This keeps it in place even in the event of an impact. The new G-Shocks Carbon Core Guard structure have multiple layers of protection to ensure that these watches still meet Kikuo's high standards. They are lighter, stronger and more durable.

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